Because there are others ways to communicate…


Today at BraveUp, we place the challenge at the heart of the marketing 3.0. We offer to you the opportunity to be connected with our community of challengers through a premium space composed of various companies having a common purpose: be different!

SHARE your values

We are all actors of the world of tomorrow. Let us take pleasure to contribute to it together.

Be Brevolutionary!

Value your brand by challenging our community on topics you take care.

REWARD your customers

Gamify your communication through playful challenges. Our community is eager for news challenges!

With various, dynamic and active users, they will become real ambassadors of your brand.


 A targeted audience according to your needs

 A local attractiveness increased through the geolocation

 A visibility of your brand increased thanks to the promotion of the challenge

 A performance of the advertising campaign measured from the detailed statistics and benefits of the challenge

BraveUp is not only for the companies because we think it is essential to feel always better in our city. You have also a role to play by suggesting to your citizens to be involved in environment, well-being, relaunch the heritage and develop tourism through playful challenges.