BraveUp website launch


Hello everyone,

As you all know, we are currently developing our mobile application dedicated to challenges, BraveUp. Thus, we have just launched our website. This aims to help you discover the BraveUp universe and familiarize yourself with the concept of the mobile application.

For us, surpassing oneself is something primordial, as humanly as sportingly. Since childhood, we’ve all played at least once, the game « Dare or not ». As individuals, we like to prove ourselves and to others what we are capable of. That why we created BraveUp, a collaborative platform that gathers all kinds of challenges to achieve. We spend too much time connected to our smartphones. We want the outside world become again a playground, going from virtual to reality through funny challenges.

So, we have also associated this blog to our website in order to share with you the concept of BraveUp and the news about it.

To support and follow us in this adventure, we invite you to like our pages on various social networks.


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